What are you all up to? / by Alison C. Board

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So, what are you all up to?

I’m sitting in front of my computer today, procrastinating because I’ve got admin, paperwork and accounts to do and I’ll be honest, I don’t want to do any of it. The dilemma is that I love it when my business affairs are all up to date but it’s the doing of them that I’m not too keen on.

At the moment the sun is shining here in Dorset and my mob of chickens are outside the window sunbathing and generally scuffing about. I’d much rather be playing with them. They are all so funny and yes, maybe I do anthropomorphise them a little but there is no denying that they are have different characters that shine through when observing them.

Why am I babbling on about chickens when there is so much work to do? It’s because so many things that I’m working on can’t be shared at the moment and it’s slowly driving me mad. I’m so used to sharing with you all what I’m doing, the minute that I’m doing it that it is frustrating that I’m keeping it all to myself. There will be news soon however but in the meantime, what are you all up to? Post your comments below and save me from talking about chickens for the rest of the month…