E-learning and my studies / by Alison C. Board


You may or may not know that I am currently studying for a Master's Degree in Online & Distance Education via the Open University. It is a great course and I'm really enjoying it, it's not going to be easily achieved, mainly due to juggling it with my workload but I will get there...eventually.

Over the next couple of months, I'm going to need your help, if it's not too much to ask? I'm working towards my end of year research paper and I need to gather quite a bit of information about how you lovely people out there see the future of e-learning or to put it another way, learning via a computer and the internet.

Now, I don't want it to become too dry and put you off taking part, so alongside some of this research, you will get the chance to shape how any future e-learning is delivered from me. For example, on my  OU course, we have been considering Personal Learning Environments (PLEs for short), in this context, they are the types of technology and ways of delivering learning that you interact with most often. Take me as an example. You may have found me via social media and now follow what I do via this blog, my website and YouTube - those types of environments.

So my question is this; if I was to construct an online course, how would you like to see it delivered? Would it be via downloadable instructions? A video? A forum to ask questions? Have you attended online courses before and if so, how have they worked for you? I am also keen to offer feedback at the end of every course by way of a participant sending me images of their finished work and me commenting on it. Do you think this would be useful?

Also, and perhaps more importantly, what issues and problems can you foresee happening with this style of learning?

Thanks in advance folks, if you have any thoughts, please comment below, much appreciated.