Learning about learners, and then learning about art! / by Alison C. Board

Earlier in the year, I successfully enrolled on an Open University course with a view to gaining my Master’s Degree in Online and Distance Education. Yes, I can hear you asking ‘Why not art?’ but there are many facets to that question, the main answer being that I was eager to become a better educator and to do that, I needed to really push myself beyond my specialist subject.

I’m currently ten weeks into the course and finding it challenging on numerous levels, mostly concerning fitting it into a life that is already packed up to the eyeballs, but I am LOVING it. It has already made me think very differently about what I do and how I do it, plus I am studying in a community of such diverse knowledge that I’m struggling to see any negative points about it.

Yes, it’s incredibly hard work and I’ve already had to pull a couple of ‘all-nighters’ to get things achieved, but somebody once said that nothing worth doing ever comes easy and I remind myself of this every time it’s a challenge.

So, why am I blogging about it? Simply because we have got to the part of my course that I was desperate to get to – understanding how blogging can work in online education and how I can make mine work more effectively. Therefore, I’m going to ask you all a huge favour, would you be kind enough to comment below on one or more of the following questions:
1. What makes you visit a blog? Not necessarily an art related site, what attracts you to blogs and entices you in?
2. What would you like to see here?
3. What ideas do you have for making this blog more interactive? In other words, I’d love for it to become a space where we share ideas and experiences, how would you like to see that happen?

Thanks in advance for your time and I look forward to reading your comments and chatting with you further, Ali.